FUNKY SHIT EDITS – Paul Sitter In Rock

7 June 2021


By now I’m sure many of you are aware of the 5 killer releases Paul Sitter, the man behind Funky Shit Edits, out of Russia, has released.

Or perhaps you have caught his short videos on Instagram where he cuts up 45s like a legend or perhaps you caught the set he did on our Twitch Channel as part of the Russia Special we hosted?

Most of Paul’s 45s have come out on clear vinyl and play at 33, other than the most recent ‘Funky Shit Edits Vol.4 that plays at 45 and all have been in huge demand for the party rocking djs out there.

The Review

Side A1: HUSSSHHH!!!!

I’m not going to lie I love this!

From that open bongo breakdown to the huge kick in with that phat bass and cmon call I knew this was going to be another party anthem, then it becomes clear it’s a Deep Purple ‘Hush’ bass line and then the vocals comes in and if I ain’t already sold I am now twice!

That Rap Accapella chosen by LL COOL J fits seamlessly and just makes the track even bigger.

This is loud, built like a live Paul Sitter Dj set and is going to smash all dance floors that like it big n funky!


A funky little breakdown with a killer keyboard riff all based on another Deep Purple classic, ‘Child In Time’ this is a sure fire track to use as an interlude or to give that dance floor a little break before smashing it again!

An instrumental piece of goodness.


Of course while Paul Sitter is on that Deep Purple rock thing he has to use the king of all tracks, ‘Smoke On The Water’ as the basis for this classic Snoop Dog accapella from his huge track ‘Gin & Juice’.

I mean does it work, surprisingly yes but any fans of Run DMCs ‘Walk This Way’ knows that rock works with rap. Am I comparing the 2, certainly not but Paul Sitter does this stuff real well with his eye on the dancefloor and the turntables.

If you dig mashups and releases that have a big live dj mashup feel with killer scratches, blends and big thumping bass and you like to smash a dance floor then this release I believe will help you do that!

Where to Get the 45…

Australia/South Pacific

If you’re in Australia or the South Pacific Dr Diggns is the local stockist and his prices and inventory are excellent.

You can Pre Order this from him right now.

Truthfully the good Dr has been saving Australian Djs a bundle on postage and tax over the past couple of years.

He also ships internationally and stocks a whole bunch of other Labels such as Dusty Donuts and Private Stock Records, as well as a great lineup of Japanese used 45s and cool Merchandise.


Funky Shit Edits has their own Bandcamp page where they release limited numbers of each release in various colours which are like always instantly sold out.

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