Decades: Pen Hits The Paper/Supply and Demand

16 June 2021

Decades: Pen Hits The Paper/Supply and DemandSeven Sails Records

This is the 4th release on 7″ vinyl from this fantastic DIY Hip Hop Label out of Adelaide, South Australia run by Forty Five Kings Collective Member Biz Kawasaki, who has previously written a Feature Story for our website, about starting a Vinyl Record Label.

I own all 4 Seven Sails vinyl releases and Biz has been kind enough to send me his label’s new release by Decades to review.

This is the second 7″ vinyl release by ‘Decades’ on the label with the first being Yesterday/Live Another Day which has now sold out on wax but is still available as a Digital Release.

Being that I’m a big fan of that 45 and still play it regularly, I was super keen to hear the new Decades release, as I dig their whole Jazzy ascetic and I know with David L on production, it was going to be another well produced slice of 7″ vinyl.

David is a member and moderator of The Forty Five Kings Facebook group, but him and I have known each other for a long while and he has a long and deep history in the production, djing and collecting world.

In my opinion all of the label’s releases so far have been strong on production, talent, passion, depth and with killer lyrics/raps to boot.

Now to the the new release!


Side A: Pen Hits The Paper

The first thing we need to do here is have a listen as this is absolutely superb…

From that first opening Jazz lick, to the Phife Dawg vocal sample, I was sold!

We are talking about a crew here steeped in classic, golden era and Aussie Hip Hop, with a producer that is a deep collector of Jazz and Hip Hop, so all of these elements meld into one in this track.

We’ve also got some super smart MCs here who provide killer wordplay to go with the top notch production and it’s jazzy as hell and man those keys and drums are fire!

When they rap that ‘this is for connoisseurs, the hip kids won’t feel this’, I felt grateful to be a Connoisseur!

That right there to me dictates the passion, hard work and belief in what they are doing. They do this because they have to, they must do it. It’s not about money but about the music, wordplay and act of making something together.

My favourite piece of wordplay has to be ‘when I say Hancock, I mean Herbie, not Will Smith’.

Don’t get them wrong though, this will sell out and some of the crazy splatter colourways they’ve produced for this release already have. I’d jump on this right now.

Order Here!!

Side 2: Supply and Demand

When I buy or get sent a 45 I have always made a habit of listening to both sides and most of us collectors and djs would know that many an undiscovered gem lies here in.

In this case my assumption has proved true once again!

First up it’s Jazzy, I love that rolling sample and the cuts are super clean and make it super funky over the top of that bass and horn driven rhythm.

Again the wordplay is superb, shows dexterity and a real mastering of the artform.

Sure these are Aussie Hip Hop joints and the accents are strong, but so is the production, wordplay, knowledge and passion.

This 45 is for all who like good music, made with heart and skill.

Make sure you get on and Order this and any other of the Label’s 45s, you can’t go wrong!

Thanks To Biz for the opportunity to write this review.

Mr Lob

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