Choi Records: The Traffic – Beat It/Thriller

10 June 2021

Choi Records: The Traffic/Thriller

By now I’m sure many of you are aware of the 6 super funky and horn driven 45s that The Traffic have released on the Choi Records Label, with this new release bringing it to 11 releases on the Label, including releases from Mayfield, Fulton Street and Choi himself. Nine of these releases so far have been on 7″ vinyl, so we can definitely say that Choi Records is a 45 vinyl focused label.

All of these releases have been hugely popular and some have gone on to multiple represses in different colourways, due to their sheer popularity across the funk, soul and hip hop 45s scene.

I listen to a lot of mixtapes, radio shows and live streams that feature 45s djs and I’ve heard these releases played repeatedly. I know for sure that Dj Numark is a huge fan of the label and has featured them in his amazing Zodiac Tracks series of videos.

Now to the the new release!


Side A: Beat It

I need to get this off my chest right now, before I do this review as Choi has given me this opportunity to actually do this review and I want to do it justice.

So here goes, I have never been and am not now an MJ fan. There I’ve said it!

Why, I don’t know, just never has done it for me.

However, I’m a huge fan of The Traffic and have all of their 45s and I absolutely adore this release.

I adore it because it is big on the funk, horns, urgency and the power of top class musicianship and production that both The Traffic and Choi Records have become known for.

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It’s fun, is another way to hear a well known and overplayed song (IMHO!), that millions upon millions love and it has the magic treatment of the band and Choi as the Producer having a great time and loving what they do.

It also takes the track into whole other realms and will be played at Soul and Funk nights that might not have previously played the original.

This will go massive and be heard everywhere and I’m told sales are already smashing previous records (see what I did there!!).

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Side 2: Thriller

Pardon the pun, but I was thrilled after hearing this version, as I love the whole ‘live’ funky feel of the opening breakdown of the track and how as I’ve said above it gives it a whole new lease of live and takes it into a more soulful and funky realm.

The horn stabs, drums and production is high quality, it’s loud, builds and sustains a killer groove and had me uprocking for a bit, before breaking it down and having to call an ambulance to help me get up again!

It really is a great interpretation of the original track, done in a way to make it an unmistakable version by The Traffic.

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You know as soon as you hear it (if you’re familiar with their sound), that you’re in for a treat and that The Traffic are in the house and have brought the party!

I think that The Traffic have really nailed the ‘funky covers’ genre but saying it that way does the group and label an injustice, as every track they do, they make it their own, bring new elements to the front, extend the life of the track and their releases are loved so widely that they enter all sorts of different realms.

You are going to hear them in funk sets, soul sets, hip hop sets and they are and will be played by djs all around the world who bridge gaps in their sets between these genres and scenes.

Make sure you get on and Order this and any other of the Label’s 45s, you can’t go wrong!

Thanks To Choi for the opportunity to write this review.

Mr Lob

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