What’s Happening Brothers & Sisters – 26 May 2021

26 May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Raid Train

The Forty Five Kings are very proud to be taking part in this wonderful upcoming 3 day ‘Mental Health Awareness Raid Train’ from 28 – 30 May 2021. Featuring a stellar lineup of djs including many Forty Five Kings! The Raid Train will encompass our ‘Coffee & Donuts’ Show on Saturday and our ‘Reggae Fire’ Show on Sunday, as well as ‘Ace Of Raids’ and ‘Sunday 7s’. A not to be missed event and one worth digging deep to support.

Coffee & Donuts – 29 May 2021

Join us this Saturday for ‘Coffee & Donuts’ on our Twitch TV Channel.

Hosted by Mr Lob, 25ThC & Fatwax45 with Special Guest JUS NEIL!!!!!

The whole idea is to share our love of 45s with you all, have a chat in the chat room and just play and share beautiful music with you on the best format there is!

You know how we do.

New Page Dedicated to the 45 Queens

The Forty Five Kings Collective is made up of both male and female members and we also feature contributions from other Djs & Collectors we invite to play on our live streams and do interviews and feature stories with. We are proud to highlight and support all members and those in the 45 community and we particularly want to encourage our female members to participate and many do! We thought it appropriate that we highlight all the wonderful female contributors with their own Feature section, both to make it easier to find and to hopefully encourage more female members to join and contribute to this wonderful community.

Check out the page here: https://thefortyfivekings.com/category/features/45-queens-features/

We have also just released a brand new range of Tshirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts for the ladies featuring the above Forty Five Queens Logo!

Use Discount Code: Kings_45 to get a 10% discount of all merchandise on our website at this link:


New Forty Five Kings Merchandise to Celebrate Our 2nd Birthday!!!!

We have released a brand new range of hoodies, sweatshirts, baseball caps and 5 panel caps in a multitude of colours and styles featuring the above logo to celebrate our 2nd Birthday coming up in July! So if you would like to support what we do, while looking supremely cool at the same time, check the below link!


Use Discount Code: Kings_45 to get a 10% discount of all merchandise on our website.