Altered Tapes – The Breakdown b/w Dj Platurn – King Penguin

The Review

Side 1: Altered Tapes – The Breakdown

The thing I love about this track and what Altered Tapes does is that it sounds like it’s an OG (especially if you didn’t know the original Eazy E track).

The other thing is that The Breakdown is a dope track and one that has featured heavily in many a dj set for such a long time, so while it is familiar to many, it may not be to others, so it brings it to now and to a new audience.

For anyone that likes to rock a set of 45s old school hip hop style, this track is going to touch many bases, as it’s funky, soulful, has extended breakdowns and is made both for those who juggle and those who like to get down, to breakdown!

I’m a big NWA and Eazy E fan and came to a lot of the funk 45s I collect from listening to hip hop, so for me this is kind of a natural progression, as I’m sure it will be for many others.

This is Altered Tapes 6th release on Heat Rock and I dig their funky ascetic as many others have already proven with sales always going through the roof.

I’d get doubles!

Side 2: Dj Platurn – King Penguin

From the opening drum break to those keys and then the siren, I was hooked.

Firstly, because I love the original Do The Funky Penguin by Rufus Thomas, but then again, I admit I like most of his releases!

I’m also keen on mashups, edits and remixes that carry the funky soul flame forward while adding a hip hop ascetic, that brings it up to date, gets added to dj crates and is there as part of a djs ‘party atmosphere.’

One of the Producers that seem to continually bring the heat is ‘Platurn’.

High quality production, old school flavours and a real focus on combining the best in hip hop with the best in funk and soul, a cut n paste classic right here!

This is Platurn’s 1st release as part of the Heat Rock stable and dare I say, it’s killer!

Platurn approaches it as any killer dj does, extending the break, building the momentum, letting peeps know that the funk is about to flow.

This is a perfect example of someone with dj chops, deep crates and a producers mind, bringing all of those elements together.

This will get the dance floor going and fit perfectly into a set that spans funk, soul and hip hop.

Get doubles!

Where To Get It…

Australia/South Pacific

If you’re in Australia or the South Pacific Dr Diggns is the local stockist and his prices and inventory are excellent.

You can Pre Order this from him right now.

Truthfully the good Dr has been saving Australian Djs a bundle on postage and tax over the past couple of years.

He also ships internationally and stocks a whole bunch of other Labels such as Dusty Donuts and Private Stock Records, as well as a great lineup of Japanese used 45s and cool Merchandise.


Heat Rock has their own Bandcamp page where they release limited numbers of each release in various colours which are like always instantly sold out.

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