Stories About Records – Dj Honey

14 April 2021

Welcome to the 9th interview in our series, ‘Stories About Records’ where we ask our members and some of our favourite Djs about their most cherished 45. 

This is not about perceived or discogs monetary value but personal value that is tied up in memories, stories, love, loss, life, family and a passion for this particular 7″ vinyl record.

We want to know what the record is, what it sounds like and why it is so important to you. 

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Now to the interview and it’s great to present Dj Honey from Singapore via Australia!

Tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Honey, a Martini swilling record collector, Radio Host & DJ. 

I’ve only been DJing since 2014 but collecting, quietly, since before then.

I started out picking up Pop and Jazz LPs at charity stores and garage sales, basically due to availability.

I eventually progressed to 45s (much to my bank account’s disappointment) because while LPs provide a bevvy of information, I realised there’s so much excitement to be had with one little 7”.

These were the records distributed to all the radio shows, the artist’s one shot at obtaining a hit, the track they considered their best.

These records could either make or break careers and I find that intoxicating!

What was the first 45 you bought or were given? 

I honestly can’t remember the first 45 I bought but growing up an Elvis obsessed young girl it was no doubt an Elvis EP from an opshop. 

As for one of the first 45s I’ve been given, I’d just played my first gig back in Melbourne and my friend, Vince Peach (who also happens to be a legendary soul DJ), gifted me the 1965 Motown record, “First I Look At The Purse” by The Contours.

It was to celebrate my first gig!

I was really touched and I actually asked him to autograph the sleeve because despite being friends, I’m still a massive fan! 

I’ve since carried on the tradition of gifting 45s to first time DJs.

It’s such a life changing and thrilling step to take – it deserves celebrating!

And, yes, I’ll always keep that record. 

What is your most cherished 45?

I cherish all my records, but one that has an extra special place in my heart is Linda Jones’ – “I Just Can’t Live My Life (Without You Babe)”.

Released in 1969 on Warner Bros-Seven Arts Records label, or W7 for short. 

It took a few (many!) years for the stars to align and have me snare a copy of this.

It’s an epic record, very well known in the Northern Soul scene.

In comparison to a lot of raw, raucous soul music, this record is all sophistication! 

Perhaps it’s the harp intro? The fierce drum beat? Or the haunting lyrics? Or Linda Jones’ urgency?

Jones passed away suddenly at age 27.

Knowing this, the urgency in her performances seem increased ten-fold. 

When I listen to this record, I’m instantly transported to the place I was when I first heard it and the emotions I felt at the time.

Sadness, yet hope. Turmoil, yet love. Helplessness, yet strength. 

Jones seemed a woman who loved with her entire heart and soul, regardless of the pain she might endure and I admire her for that. 

Whatever the magic formula is to this record, hearing that intro during prime-time on a heaving dance floor in a massive hall, covered in sweat, drunk on music – well, there’s almost no better feeling. 

It’s a powerful record that I’ve lost my mind, heart and soul to many times and I’m sure I’ll continue to for years to come. 

Dj Honey.

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