Coffee & Donuts – 27 March 2021

7 April 2021

As we say each week, we love this show!

We love it as we get to play great music to our audience, we love the chats, the discoveries, the banter, the guests and the ability to share the 45 format with anyone who takes the time to stop on by.

We are happy to say we have built a solid following of weekly viewers and that guests are lining up to play this show, as the word is out that it’s a great thing to be part of, helps grow and support the 45 scene and gives many the chance to reach a new and wider audience and do it to share the passion and love.

This week we had the pleasure of a fantastic guest session from ‘Cold Diggin’ with Mikster & East.

PS: Give Videos a Moment to Load!

Mr Lob



Cold Diggin’ with Mikster & East

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