The Forty Five Kings Present Dj B.

A few words from Dj B:

I grew up with vinyl records and I never really gave up.

I fell in love with Reggae music in the 90’s and I started buying Jamaican records, then I made friends with others who love Reggae and we started to create a dj crew specialising in Reggae, we played in pubs, parties and rented some gyms to organise parties, we played festivals and radio shows…and then we split…Life…but I never gave up buying 45’s and keep playing for my radio show. I love my Reggae 7″ so much, even if it takes a lot of space ah ah ah!

About the mix:

It’s an early 2000’s Reggae 45’s set recorded live in one shot, with a few dub fx at home after my coffee, so it’s not perfect…it’s a morning thing!

I took the freedom to add some samples on top, make special Forty Five Kings/Education sound jingles, and I have also put on top of that, on version, some special Jingles that Jamaican Artist have done for me for my Education Sound System.

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