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2 March 2021

Welcome to the 5th interview in our brand new series, ‘Stories About Records’ where we ask our members and some of our favourite Djs about their most cherished 45. 

This is not about perceived or discogs monetary value but personal value that is tied up in memories, stories, love, loss, life, family and a passion for this particular 7″ vinyl record.

We want to know what the record is, what it sounds like and why it is so important to you. 

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Now to ScottieBoy from the UK.

1.  Firstly, tell us about yourself as a Dj and Collector of 45s, how long have you been playing and collecting, why 45s, what was the first 45 you were given and also the first 45 you bought? Do you still have them?

I have been doing this for a very long time, when I was going on 16, in 1981, the DJ never showed up for a wedding that was in my Mum and Dads hotel, so we had all the equipment, PA, decks and lots of singles.

So my Mum told me to get on with it as I loved music, little did she know that she stoked the fire of a deep passion for playing music out live to a ”crowd”!

I was nevious, played all the hits, and did the function and at the end of it, I was a wreck but the groom came up to me and gave £20, that was a lot of money!

Then I though I could do that, so off I went and started to do night in the function hall, Bowie nights were a fave, parties were also a staple and my Mum and Dad thought we were all weird, by this time I was 17 and had long hair and blacker than black clothes and pointy boots, but we thought we were cool, we were! ?

But really I have been a collector all my days, when I was 6 my Mum bought me a HMV 45 and she told me I was so excited to have a record all of my own……

It was ‘Stanley Holloway – The Lion and Albert.’ 

The flip was ‘The Laughing Policeman by Charles Jolly.’

Unfortunately I don’t have it any more but I played it to death and to this day, I know Albert and The Lion word for word.

Again my Mum instilled a love of 45’s without knowing, but I’ve dug through my crates and found one of the first ones I bought, Number 4, bought in 1976, I remember these cost about 20pence, here is it, sadly it’s Leo Sayer  but you can’t win them all….. also used to write my name on them for some reason but hey I was 10!

I had also bought records before this but no idea what I did with them, I do have most of my original singles from childhood but ’77 came and it all changed……

2. What is your most cherished 45? Why is it so important to you? What is it’s story (label, year, artist, musicians), where did it come from? Is the B-Side any good?

I am lucky to have lots of sevens that I cherish,  so it’s very difficult to pick so ive got 2 (sorry).

Both by The Damned, I first bought Neat Neat Neat, in 1977, I must have been 12 and it changed my life not only for the A side but the B-side, Stab Your Back, all 98 seconds of it, it’s the best ‘Punk’ record to date for me.

I used to go to the Merchiston Boys Club, every week we were there, I was 12, it was half an hour of Northern Soul and would you believe half an hour of punk, no joke!

It introduced me to some sounds and I secretly got into Northern, never once admitted it (I would have got lynched!) and always  wished I had bought the sevens I heard but the Punk was far more exciting, we used to hover about on the edge and watch the Soul Boys in their vests, beer towels on the jeans and talc on the floor, never saw anything like before or after, then Wire 12XU or The Damned Stab Your Back, would blast off and all the soul guys would bombard off the floor, super good fun.

One time we all decided to do ‘The Dying Fly’, just to get on everyone’s wick, it worked!

We were young, stupid and did not give a damn!

Then I found the other seven by them, the first so-called British punk single, The Damned – New Rose, with the infamous beginning, Is She Really Going Out with him?’

Then it’s the guitar, then about 20 second in you get the clatter of the drums, then it’s a big Ahhhht!!!

I bought this at my local record shop called Rush Records, in later years me and my mate used to serve on a Saturday, our payment?

Free credits on Galaxian video game, while Stuart went to the pub at lunchtime, sorted?!

One, even to this day, of the most exciting sevens of all time.

Stiff Records were a force and in time had many, many big names, great label! 

They were both released in 1977!

Have a listen, it will still hold up today!

The Damned still play to this day and I saw them a few years back and they were honestly brilliant, by far a way big influence on me in my youth, so glad to have caught at least some of it, at the time!

The Damned Stab Your Back

It’s the tale end of 1977, punk was was over, it did not last long but not for me, my eyes were wide and I soaked it all in, so to this day I have boxes of original so called punk singles and managed to see all the big bands at the time, it for me was a magical time and I was so lucky to have been involved at a very very young age!


The Damned – New Rose

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