Regulate Recordings – Listen To the Sound/That Beat by T2Funk Collective

25 March 2021

 Listen to the Sound/ That Beat (7”) – RR01 released May 2021 

The Review

Side 1: Listen to The Man

First up, I cannot lie, I love this release and this is why!

It’s a funky, soulful and well produced slice of 7″ vinyl goodness that shows an appreciation for classic samples and pays homage to the classic hip hop cultural pursuits of digging, reinventing, dj and producer skills and is dance floor focused with a heavy bass and keyboard line and is just a real treat for the ears and feet.

This is one for those who dig classic golden era sounds, breakdancing, juggling, scratching or getting down on the d-floor.

Side 2: That Beat

Breakdancers beware because this is a big one to get down to, uprock, pop and lock to!

It’s got all the samples we dig put together in a super funky old school way with clean production and shows clearly the inspiration for it’s making from T2Funk’s crates.

I particularly love the breakdown at the end with the classic bongo sound which is just plain dope for breakers and djs who juggle and smash doubles.

Both tracks are great and I’d be pretty happy if this was my first release on my brand new label.

Bigups for the Test Press and giving us the opportunity to write our very first 45 review.

We are sure our members and readers are going to love this one!

The Press Release!

After DJing in and around Manchester, DJ T2Funk found the early 2020 lockdown provided him with time and a creative freedom to explore his record collection and link up with a renown Manchester record producer to form the T Funk Collective. 

Side A: ‘Listen to the Sound’ offers a unique take on a block party classic.

Based around a classic synth MSM have added more melodic and soulful layers, snapping drums and funky basslines with DJ Stet and DJ Deviant cutting up the vocals to culminate in a melting pot of melodic flavour. 

Side B: ‘That Beat’ is a funkier, harder hitting party vibe track with its compressed guitar, driving basslines and vocal hooks that keep those heads nodding and feet moving. 

So here it is the first release from Regulate Recordings and the T Funk Collective and you can check out what it all sounds like on Juno and sign up to be notified when it is released:

Further information right here!

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