Coffee & Donuts 9 January 2020


For this week’s show our lineup included our hosts Mr Lob, Fatwax45 and 25ThC with Special Guests Dj Cursa and Nic Goodlife who played an extended 2 hour set to celebrate her birthday! Each set was so much fun and there was just so much great music played, delve in…

First up as always we had Mr Lob laying down his usual funky business:

Next up we had the rather cool and super chilled dj styles of Fatwax45:

Next up was the rather cool and eclectic sounds of 25ThC, the man behind our live streams!

Then our first Special Guest with his debut set for us, Dj Cursa who absolutely smashed it!

Lastly, the birthday girl herself and one of the finest spinners on the 45 scene, Nic Goodlife playing her second set for us after her 45 Queens debut last year.

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