Being a Forty Five King – Phantom


We are always pleased when a member of The Forty Five Kings wants to go that little bit further and contribute not only a great Mix but gets involved in chats, threads and supports us directly to bring this website to you, through the purchase of Raffle Tickets in our recent group raffle. Even better when that person wins a huge stack of prizes from our amazing Sponsors!!!

Matthew Langfear otherwise known as ‘Phantom’ is one lucky guy and he was kind enough to send us some pics of the Raffle Prizes he won and write a few words about being a member of The Forty Five Kings.

Over to Matthew…

 ‘The Forty Five Kings are really a great group to be a part of, with so many like minded people and a lot of talent as well. 

It’s something we can all be a part of and contribute to the wonder of the mighty 45 and beyond.

I find it very useful for finding out about New releases on 45 and so much vinyl I am still looking for myself lol. 

I also think the Collective is a really positive environment for everyone to also help each other out, could be anything from a version you are looking for down to a track title or a mix a member has done. 

I have had many really good conversations with a lot of people and it is always a good vibe, some really decent people in the collective from all over the world. 

It was important to support the raffle, I never thought I would win and that was a really nice surprise and some amazing prizes!!


I’m still working my way through everything!

I was also happy to contribute towards the Forty Five Kings present and future projects to help push things forward and increase the opportunities for everyone involved. 

Once again many thanks to The Sponsors for the Super cool items, Big Respect to Rob and Mark Newby and also Mark James from Soul 45 from my part of the world’.

Matthew also releases amazing mixes on his own Mixcloud page, get over, give him a follow and a listen, you won’t be disappointed.


Mr Lob

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One comment on “Being a Forty Five King – Phantom

  1. Marky Newby Nov 13, 2020

    Congratulations on winning in the next Raffle, and thank you for the kind words about The Forty Five Kings group, we appreciate your input..