The One 45 Bag to Rule Them All…


Review: Magma Riot 45 Trolley 280

The Brand New Magma ‘Riot 45 Trolley 280’ Bag

As a vinyl Dj for over 20 years and particularly one that predominantly plays 45s sets, I like many others who have stuck to this analog style of djing has burned through and collected many a dj bag over the years, both from well known brands and others we have adapted, like the famous Dj Obliveus ‘Esky’ Cooler bags, Fishing Bags, Camera Bags, Crates, Cardboard Boxes, Ikea Boxes, Shoe Boxes and every other configuration of box or bag we think will work.

They all pretty much share one thing in common, they haven’t done what we want, or if they have, not completely and not for long enough, as we watch another handle fall off, come unstitched or worry about the lack of padding in the bag to protect our most valued 45s.

One brand that I have used personally over the years is from the German company Magma, in fact I have owned 2 of their Riot Dj Backpack bags over the last 10 years and am the proud owner of the Dusty Donuts versions of their ’45 Record Bag 150′ & ’45 Record Bag 50′. So I am familiar with their bags, the quality of their designs and their focus on providing the best bags they can at good prices.

Dusty Donuts & Magma ’45 Record Bag 50′

I have, still use and love the first version of their ‘Magma 7″ Single Bag 150’ with the lid that zips off completely and can also be used to hold 45s, which works great when you are playing a set.

Magma 7″ Single Bag 150

For this review, Magma was kind enough to contact their local supplier in Australia Dj City who promptly sent me the new Riot 45 Trolley 280 bag and on first impressions it looks good, real good.

To say that I am honoured with the opportunity to receive and review this bag on behalf of The Forty Five Kings is an under statement, however, I have a job to do and I have been thinking about how I use my 45 bags, what I’m looking for in a bag and how I travel with my 45s when going from gig to gig, in and out of my car, taxis, ubers and through airports etc

Until Covid 19 hit and I lost all of my Dj work, I was playing about 3 – 4 gigs a week and all of them pretty much were 45 based and as a working dj I was sometimes playing 2 gigs a night, so having to carry 3 – 4 bags of 45s to gigs and between gigs.

I also did a Dj Tour in northern Thailand in January this year where I played Festivals, outdoor parties, open to the street bars and dark rooms, all with 45s. I took 3 bags of 45s with me which was an effort to get through with my baggage allowance, clothing and to continuously carry everywhere.

As a Dj, I play long 45s sets, so most bookings are 3 – 4 hours, so you need a lot of 45s to cover your bases. This meant that I was taking my Magma ’45 Record Bag 150′ & ’45 Record Bag 50′, my Magma 7″ Single Bag 150 and my Odyssey hard case, placing them on a folding trolley, using a strap to tie them to the trolley and then moving from gig to gig, hard work to say the least.

Also when doing sets with Dj Obliveus for the Sydney Road Festival we are sometimes carrying up to 6 bags of 45s each to cover a 12 hour back to back all 45s set.

So when I heard that Magma were releasing a new 45 Trolley Bag that would hold 280 x 45s, have a removable insert, extra pockets and space for things like a laptop, personal items, headphones and styluses, adpators etc. I was definitely excited!

I was also interested in the material it was made from and I was eager to see what they would come up with and would it be fit for purpose.

My back was also hoping so!

I know that Magma had a few years ago released a very limited run of 45 Trolley bags that Andy Smith swore by but I for the life of me could never locate one for sale or anyone willing to part with one, so for me would this be the one 45 bag to rule them all?

Let’s first take a look at the bag…

As expected Magma has spent time on the configuration and layout, used high quality materials, (it’s water-resistant) and the zippers look good and work well, there are handles on the top and side for lifting (the bag is heavy when full), the pop up handle stows away under its own zip compartment.

The Base of the Riot 45 Trolley 280

The bottom of the bag is protected by heavy duty thick plastic pieces so it is raised off the ground when laid flat and they also work to protect the base of the bag when pulling it up stairs and down steps.

It also has adjustable side straps to hold your 45s tight in the bag and stop them moving around.

The front of the bag has a flat zip pocket which is great for documents or items you need to reach quickly.

The Front section also opens and is a good place for a computer, keys, phone charger and anything relatively flat and is lockable.

The main section of the bag is basically a hollow with a separately removable PVC record-inlay with four sturdy compartments providing a stable fit for 280 x 45s.

This compartment has a handle on each side to make removing the insert a breeze. Once this is removed it basically becomes a trolley bag, a suitcase!

One thing I did note though is that the bag will only zip closed properly when the removable compartment is placed in the bag with the handles sideways, not top to bottom. This is just a matter of getting used to the configuration.

This also determines which way you pack the 45s into the removable compartment.

The bag only has soft and additional padding on the internal bottom and inside of the front zip open sections.

It is very easy to lift the internal compartment out and place it next to your turntables (if there is space, which we know is not always possible in a dj booth), or to sit it on a table, chair or stool behind you or next to you.

I know some reviews have suggested that 2 seperate lift out compartments would work better and I do agree with this as many dj booths are super tight. My own setup at home allowed me to move my turntables and mixer to the side to fit the whole compartment but I would agree that having the ability to have 2 separate compartments would be great, as you can then place one on each side of the turntables like I have with my other Magma bags in Photo 2 below.

So now the bag is packed and I’m heading to a gig in my car, does it roll easily, is it easy to lift, does it fit in the backseat, the boot (trunk), how is it it going up and down steps and do I feel my precious 45s are protected, is it fit for purpose?

The answer to all these questions is YES!

It means I don’t have to carry 3 – 4 bags stuffed with 45s, have a seperate trolley and strap to hold bags to said trolley or have a sore back from carrying so many bags and trekking between gigs with all the weight on my shoulders.

The Riot 45 Trolley 280 feels stable, rolls well, is easy to lift in and out of my car boot and backseat, although heavy when full.

I moved it up and down the few steps in and out of my house well and the plastic protection at the rear and base of the bag works well to protect it.

The material it is made from, ‘water-resistant RIOT Tarpaulin’ seems hard wearing and up to the job and it solves many problems that 45s Djs have with carrying and moving lots of 45s to, from and between gigs.

If you are a touring dj that needs a bag that carries lots of 45s and/or a dj that plays longs sets with 45s or moves between a few gigs and need a hard wearing bag that is stable, easy to lift, move and roll, then this is a great bag and does all those jobs well and hopefully will stand up to the abuse it will get when used for these purposes.

If you are a Dj that flies to gigs (remember those?), I feel the bag is too big and heavy when full to put into an overhead compartment and the bag does come with instructions to put it in as ‘Bulky Luggage’ and checked into ‘special bag counters’ at airports to ensure it is treated with care, but truthfully what dj wants to check in their 45s and let them out of their sight?

My Final Thoughts on the Riot 45 Trolley 280

To round up this review of the Riot 45 Trolley 280 by Magma and go back to my choice of title ‘The One 45 Bag To Rule Them All’, is it that bag? Is it good, great, the next big thing?

Well no it is not, but there are none that are from my experience.

Does it come close to solving the problems that 99% of 45s Djs face and cover our needs, absolutely it does.

Would I recommend it, buy it and use it, YES!!!


Well because it’s a great bag and it goes a long way in solving many issues we have as 45s djs, protects our backs, is made well, comes from a reputable maker of DJ Bags who are willing to listen and learn and send out bags for reviews, risking their reputation and ability to actually sell this bag.

Lastly, Djs who play 45s are a niche in a niche vinyl market, but Magma know we are passionate, experienced and have needs and concerns about the quality of bags on the market.

Magma has listened to 45s djs, really listened to us and done their best to cater for us and for that I thank them and recommend if you are looking for a bag like this, buy one or if it’s too big buy one of their other bags, they are fit for most purposes and this is more than we can ask.

Thanks for your time!

Dj Mr Lob

If you’re in Australia, get your Magma Riot 45 Trolley 280 from Dj City:

Internationally get your Riot 45 Trolley 280 from Magma:

Check out the full Magma Bag Range here:

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2 comments on “The One 45 Bag to Rule Them All…

  1. Fatwax45 Oct 12, 2020

    Great write up Rob.

    Without actually owning one and just seeing the extensive amount of photos I can see it’s little downsides, but, I can also see a lot more upsides to this for playing 4hr ish sets that I like to play when the chance next presents itself.

    Also big up Magma for letting this one out for review and still creating bags for the 45 DJs.

    • Agreed mate, it’s a great bag and does its best to address the issues we face but let’s face it, 45s are delicate and precious and I’m really not sure you could do to protect them other than a padded metal hard case that is just too heavy. Super happy with what this one does!