Marc Hype – The Interview

15 October 2020

First up thank you Marc for agreeing to do this Interview and for your support of the Forty Five Kings and for becoming a Sponsor of this Website with your Dusty Donuts Prize Donations for our Raffle.

We also loved your killer set during our recent Germany Live Stream and the mix you did for our Mixcloud page 11 months ago.

Even better you are playing as a Special Guest on our weekly ‘Coffee & Donuts’ live stream show this Saturday 17 October 2020!

Now to the questions!

1. Tell us about yourself and your history as Dj, Collector, Producer and Record Label Boss.

Oh, that’s a pretty long one, haha, trying to keep it short.

I was watching Wild Style – The Movie when I was 10 years old in 1983 on German televison and I caught a Hip Hop virus!

It took a few years through doing Graffiti to find my lane in Djing in 1988.

I actually started straight with Scratching, Backspins, Bodytricks, the whole program, but just learned club mixing from ’91 on.

I put out my first record in 1993, and have never looked back since then.

I won the  German ITF DJ Championships twice in ’98 & ’99.

I did a few albums, lot’s of 12”s, 45s and collaborated with the likes of Masta Ace, Souls of Mischief, Mr. Lif, Blowfly, Z-Trip, Killa Kela, Mr. Thing, The Beatjunkies Rhettmatic & Shortkut, Roc Raida, Z-Trip, Mr. Complex, Akrobatik, Edo G., Zion I & many more on numerous international labels over the years.

I have been doing shows & productions with world class pianist Jim Dunloop since 2004 and toured the world and all continents from the USA to Asia to Australia.

I have also promoted series like SoulClap!,  Rap History Berlin and just recently the Cool Whip Modern Funk parties in Berlin.

In 2014 I founded with my partners in crime Jim Sharp, Naughty NMX & Runex the Dusty Donuts 45s Label, which actually was a straight 45s party from 2012 in the first place, as I wanted to have my own house for my family after a few decades with independent labels and extended the crew with the DJ Squad, DJ Suspect & DJ Robert Smith plus of course Jim Dunloop and recently DJ Goce, who smashing some serious future hits together!

And now we’re here.

Marc Hype Doing What He Does Best – Rocking a Crowd Like Only He Knows How

2. What drives you to continue these pursuits?

It’s like my lifestream to be creative in this culture I adapted and loved from very early on. After three decades you’re at a point, where you’re not thinking of why you’re doing it, it’s just a natural part of my everyday life.

3. When did you release your first record and what was it? 

In 1993 I released the EP “Houpa Doupa Crapola” with my first crew Cheeba Garden on Juiceful Rec.

4. How long have you been releasing 45s? 

Think the first one was “Superstars” with Jim Dunloop on Milk Crate Rec. in 2007.

After that all the Dusty Donuts releases came from 2014 on.

5. How many 45s have you released and do you appear on? 

I’ve release 12 already, but I have more in the making!

I’m more a performer, A&R and curator nowadays, than actually a producer.

I’m always collaborating with like minded friends, while keeping a strong Artist Profile.

6. Why release 45s?

I had my digital Serato years from 2006-2012 and found out that I was missing a lot of things.

Even if there is so many great possibilities to spin digital, there’s still so much missing.

I like that there is a strong coherence in the new recoined 45 scene, talking ’bout music mattered again, not putting your files from last month in the backend of your HD, but seriously talkin’ ’bout actual releases that matters and meeting at Record Stores & Fairs.

All of these things make us better Djs, even after all these years playing.

I also enjoy finding new friends through music not just party dates.

Also I think, that we don’t have to cater to the youth in our age actually, they can do it better by themselves.

Most of them now straight on streaming and YouTube clicks, this was never our goal in the first place.

We should stay focused on our lane and our generations. If not we, who else? Sound nostalgic, but I just try to keep the good things of our very own part of the culture alive to feel satisfied and entirely.

7. I’m a huge fan of ‘Wednesdays On Wax’ and was lucky enough to appear in an episode with you! What is the concept behind it and how has it changed and grown since you started? I mean you have had some huge guests but I love that Dusty Donuts also interviews regular djs in the scene like myself.

Yeah, after worldwide lockdowns came into place, I thought about what can we do besides releasing new records, without much possibilities to play them out in public for the unforeseeable future.

The concept is pretty simple, we invite worldwide guests who are into Vinyl Culture to talk with us about various music topics, presented on 7x 45s (+ 1 bonus record usually).

Hearing their stories and experiences, leads into building a strong network and lets people go deeper with their personalities.

There’s a lot of great DJs, collectors and cultural enforcers out there.

We need to stick together in these times and buid our legacies for upcoming generations.

8. What does the future hold for you as a Dj and Label Owner, particularly with the ‘New Covid 19 Normal’? How has Covid 19 affected what you do?

I mean… Vinyl culture is strong right now, it goes straight upwards, we have no problem with that right now!

But to presenting it out in public is a different thing.

I’m lucky to have had a few gigs over the last few months in different European countries and also there’s some OK working concepts, outdoor & Bars, in Berlin right now. But it’s different and the future doesn’t look to bright for subcultures in total.

Lots of independent venues will have to close and we have to think about how to work around it, to handle this awkward situation, we’re all stuck in.

Streaming is one thing and it does it’s job, but will never replace the live feeling of going down in a club to freak out.

We all just can hope, that there will be some cure or good solutions happen in the near future.

Everybody’s on ground zero now….

9. Looking back over your 30 year career what have been some of the highlights for you?

I think there’s too much too mention, too many good moments, too many good friendships that I’ve found while touring and collaborating.

It’s better to check my social media with lots of throwbacks and of course actual unfoldings!

10. Would you like to add anything else and also share some links?

Thanks for your time!

Dj Mr Lob

The Forty Five Kings

Also tune in this Saturday 17 October 2020 as Marc Hype appears as the Special Guest on our Weekly ‘Coffee & Donuts’ live stream show on

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