Fatwax45 – The Interview

4 September 2020

First up thank you Fatwax45 for agreeing to do this Interview and for helping me start the Forty Five Kings and becoming a co-administrator of our Facebook page and producing all the Merchandise and commissioning our Logos!

Now to the questions…

  1. Tell us about yourself and your history as a collector and DJ and what drives you to continue? 

I’m Fatwax45 – a Record Collector who also plays occasional DJ sets spanning over 30 years, I love Vinyl and all the nerdy things associated with it. I have run DJ and Live Band nights under the guise of Fatwax & FatwaxLive and I now run events in my hometown of Grimsby under the name Dockument. Until recently I was a member of the Waxnerds. During my 5 year association  I was instrumental in the change of their Edits Record Label.

The driver? It’s an addiction ha! There’s always another lyric, another drum, a different sound, rhythm and I need it- I wouldn’t want to stop having that in my life.

2. When Mr Lob first brought the idea of the Forty Five Kings to you, you jumped right in and have been there from the beginning, watching it grow to over 600 members, releasing over 40 Mixtapes to Mixcloud and now doing amazing Live Stream Events, all in just 12 months. What did you like about the initial concept that you committed to it so deeply and are the co-founder and administrator with Mr Lob?

What’s not to love about the concept of a group of like minded people sharing a passion of the 7” single, the humble 45.

It’s a place where someone just starting out or has been collecting their whole life can come & post a comment to ask about a certain record or show a pic of their latest haul.

Whether you’re a Pro DJ, Collector or just enthusiastic about 45s, you are welcome here, with no judgement.

We obviously get a few that slip through the net where certain individuals just want to have a go about bootlegs or reissues, my advice to them is to ****off, this group isn’t for you, leave with your ego, you are not welcome! 

3. What are your feelings about the growth of the Forty Five Kings and where do you see it going? 

It’s never been about how big this group can get, the growth of it has been huge yes, but, it was more about the purpose of the group. 

We (Rob & I) are totally overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to join the group, but we’re under no illusion that probably only 15-20% of that number are active, who will participate by commenting/chatting/posting pics, or sharing info on releases past and present. Personally I’d like to see that interaction increase.

We love those that share that ‘B-Side for the win’ and the ‘didn’t realise that was on a 45’ people, or will pick a topic that will get people sharing stories of  ‘best find out in the wild’. 

In the future I would hope for record production and a label, alongside increased live streams, merchandise and our beloved 45 mixes.

4. What have been some of the things you are most proud of in the Forty Five Kings, what have been the best moments or memories for you? 

I’m proud of the fact that it’s given a lot of people a place to become a part of a community, a place where they can share their love of 7” vinyl, the 45 single.

Hopefully people can learn from what others post and contribute. Whether you play as a Professional DJ or you do this a hobby in your spare room, there’s plenty of knowledge you can gain or contribute to the group, whether it be a new release or a classic, to an unknown B-side, even tips on going live of which is a big thing now with what’s going on in the world.

5. You work very closely with Mr Lob to guide the group and make decisions, how do you manage that with him in Australia and you in the UK?

Working with Rob is easy, he’s honest and very enthusiastic and they’re great traits to have, we fire over ideas and thoughts over Messenger or a Live Video chat.

Rob puts so much time and effort into this, I’m sure everyone can tell that this is a serious passion of his and it shows through in the Group.

6. How has Covid 19 affected what you do? How have you adapted?

Fortunately for me, Covid hasn’t really affected me like it has so many others, when I do work, I work alone, and I had already adapted my garage and house for me to work from home.

Covid has shown me there are some people I can live with, and live without. Its shown me some peoples true colours, and I’m happy about that, it gives me a focus for what I want to spend my time, my skills, and my love on.

Thanks for your time!

DJ Mr Lob

The Forty Five Kings

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Check out Fatwax45 playing some great sets for our Live Streams on: https://twitch.tv/fortyfivekings

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  1. Thanks mate for doing this with me and riding this crazy wave!