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First up thank you Criztoz for agreeing to do this Interview and for your support of the Forty Five Kings and becoming an Administrator of the Facebook page and running our Live Streams amongst the myriad of other things you do!

Now to the questions…

1. Tell us about yourself and your history as a collector and dj and what drives you to continue?

I have always loved music from a very young age. My parents had a 70’s record player and I used to listen to their records on this on repeat in the same room that is actually now my music studio. For my 11th or 12th Birthday I got a Sony hifi system which had a dual cassette deck, a 5CD changer, and at the top a vinyl deck. That’s when I first started buying my own records. Mostly pop and chart stuff at that time. I would then religiously buy the latest releases each Monday when they came out and over the years I built up a large vinyl and CD collection. 

It wasn’t however till my late 20s that I took the plunge and bought a set of technics 1210 mk5’s, a pair of CDJ800s and a mixer and started to DJ. I got to practicing and set up a couple of my own DJ nights locally playing bars every weekend with friends and guests. I have DJ’ed out pretty regularly ever since and a few years ago the 45s bug really took hold and I now buy and collect mainly 45s on a regular basis. A lot of people love to read books and this is what helps them relax and escape the stresses of daily life. For me it is music and listening to music is my escape. 

2. So you are part of the Original Forty Fivers, what’s your history and why did you begin it and continue to do it?

The Original 45ers consists of Adrian Bradbury (Big 404) and myself and we play just 7” vinyl at bars, cafes, galleries and festivals in the UK. Adrian and I also DJ with Toby Bryant as the Jellyfunk Allstars where we use Traktor with DVS for our sets and at the all day country pub events we regularly run. Adrian suggested that we do a night using just 45s instead of Traktor about 4/5 years ago. We both had so much fun digging through our record collections that we decided to make it a regular thing. We came up with the name and the concept and approached various venues who loved the fact that we were playing 7” vinyl.

We both love the simplicity of 45s, DJing back to back, and being able to follow on after each other. It is a lot of fun playing just with 45s, not staring at a laptop screen, and having to rock a party with just the 45s you filled your record box with before you leave the house. 

3. Tell us about 45 Day, the concept, how you executed it, the response to it and your future plans.

I came up with the idea of 45 Day last year (2019). I thought that it would be good to set up something to celebrate the humble 45 which I, and many others, believe to be the best musical format ever created.

The original plan was to try and put on some live events in various parts of the World but then Coronavirus meant that everything, and I mean literally everything, was cancelled. So I had to work out a way of it being online especially as everyone was in lockdown. I settled on trying to get 45 DJ’s to each record a 45 minute mix using just 45s. I had recently joined the Forty Five Kings Facebook group and could see that there was a healthy interest in the format. I thought that for the first year if I could get say 20 DJ’s involved it would be a good start and I could grow it from there.

I settled on the date 4th May 2020 which reads, in most of the world, as 4.5.2020 so 45/2020 which I felt worked well. Plus it is also Star Wars day and as a fan that was also a bonus. Moneyshot from the Allergies coined the catchphrase “May the 45 be with you!” as a take on May the 4th be with you. I sent out messages to people I knew, posted some info in 45s groups, and sent requests to DJs that I respected. I got a lot of great feedback and in the end I exceeded my initial plan and had 52 mixes, a 2 hour radio show by 45 Live and a live stream by Breakin Bread. 

For next year I would like to get even more DJs involved and in particular some female 45s DJs. I have a long list of male and female DJ’s ready for next year. It would be great to also have some live events happening on the day depending on the Covid situation at that time and also live streams and radio shows featuring just 45s. 

4. Tell us about your Radio Show, how long has it been on, where and when is it broadcast and what is the ethos behind it? What guests have you had on and what is coming up?

The show has been running since 01 June 2020. I felt that 45 Day was a good concept and that it would be a very long time between the annual events with nothing much else happening. I therefore decided to set up the 45 Day Radio show. I wanted to have an outlet for me to play new and old releases on 45s, and to focus on record labels, DJs and artists within the 45s community. The show is in 2 parts. In Part 1 I play 45s from my collection and in Part 2 I have a guest DJ with a 45 minute all 45s mix. 

It is not currently broadcast live and is just on Mixcloud and there are 2 episodes a month released on the 1st and 15th of each month. At some point in the future it would be great for it to be hosted on a radio station. 

Each episode is accompanied by a written interview with my special guest on fortyfiveday.com at the same time as the show goes live. For my first episode I had the first female DJ to be part of 45 Day – the brilliant DJ Honey from Singapore. This was followed by record shop owner and great collector Dr Diggns, Pete Brady of Superfly Funk and Soul Belfast, DJ Bacon the current King of the megamix, Jawa Jones and Ginger Fizz from Wanita, and the Seven Inch Collective. For the 2 episodes in September 2020 I am very pleased to have Gerald Short aka Jazzman and then DJ Misbehaviour as my special guests. I have guests lined up for the rest of 2020 but you will have to wait to see who I have lined up for the show. 

5. What does the future hold for you as part of the Original Forty Fivers.

It very much depends on what happens with covid. Many of the regular venues we play at are small bars and cafes and we provide the soundtrack to people’s nights out. As the vast majority of the UK’s venues are not booking DJs at the moment it is unlikely that we will be DJ’ing live for a while. Adrian is about to open his own boutique gym – he is a European champion powerlifter – and the decks are going to be a big part of his. We will be DJ’jing together again at the launch party fo the gym in a few weeks time. From there I imagine we will do some live streams and see how things pan out. We hope that Glastonbury is back on again last year as we played at a few venues there last year and are looking forward to playing there again and some other festivals. 

6. How has Covid 19 affected what you do? How have you adapted?

Covid has meant that all of the venues that we DJ’ed at were closed for many months. Those that have opened have severe limitations on what they can offer their customers and DJ’s/live music does not currently fit into the government’s guidance. As a result I have not been able to DJ out since March apart from one recent gig with Soul 45 in Southampton which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have adapted by moving my creativity and DJ’ing online. I created 45 Day as detailed above, became involved with the Forty Five kIngs group and I started doing some live streams. I DJ most Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings, and I run the Forty Five Kings Live streams. 

7. You’ve become one of the main drivers of the Forty Five Kings and are doing big things with the live streams. Tell us about the streams, what you’ve done already, what is coming up and why you do it?

I had done a few live streams myself and I suggested to Mr Lob that in addition to the weekly audio mixes it would be good to get some of the Forty Five Kings to do some live streams. We put the idea out in the group and had so much interest that it turned into a 24 hour worldwide live stream featuring 25 DJs from Australia, Europe, UK, USA and Mexico. It was very well received so we decided to do some more. I came up with the idea of a weekly live stream show on a Saturday hosted by Mr Lob and myself. This showcases new 45s releases including from members of the group and special guest DJ’s. We have just extended this to a 4 hour show. 

We then had a 12 hour live stream from Germany featuring 13 DJs. 6 of which were hosted by Marc Hype at his Berlin studio before we moved around the country. This also included our first Forty Five Queen to play – Fraulein Freakbeat. Then an Australia/Glasgow live stream. The Forty Five Kids Special where Mr Lob will be DJing with his son and I will be DJing with my daughter. Sam Tweaks is our special guest and he will be accompanied by his beatboxing son. We are waiting on confirmation of another guest. 

20 September 2020 sees me present 10 hours of all female 45s DJ live stream the Forty Five Queens.  I have also just confirmed a 4 hour live stream from Norwich, UK featuring 4 DJ’s hosted at Chrome’s pad on Saturday 10 October. I have a few more live streams in the works and am currently working out the dates and details. 

Prior to Covid I was involved in curating and running live events/stages and this is simply an online extension of that. I enjoy the organisational side but more importantly I enjoy being able to put together a varied line up of great DJs and to get to watch them perform. It gives DJs a platform and outlet many of which have never live streamed before. I have enjoyed helping them get set up so that they can do their own live streams in the future. 

8. Would you like to add anything else and also share links to your radio shows and crew?

Thanks for inviting me to be part of the Forty Five Kings, featuring me on the new website, and allowing me to run with the idea of the live streams. If you would like to know more about 45 Day and be involved next year then please drop me an email. You can check out more information about it and also about the Original Forty Fivers through the links below .

45 Day


Original 45ers



Check out 25ThC playing for our Live Stream Videos

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