The Forty Five Kings are proud to present 2 all round good guys, djs and collectors, straight out of Australia, The Scorcher and Chuan with their ‘Antojitos’ Reggae mix.

The boys have this to say about their mix:

‘Over the last few years The Scorcher and Chuan have been playing Reggae records on Friday nights at Antojitos, a great Mexican restaurant, located in Newcastle, Australia. We generally have a great time hanging out playing records, drinking beer, and eating tacos and burritos. Here’s a small sample of the sort of tunes we play. All 45s, some custom made, some original, some old, some new!

This mix and these guys are yet another reason why we love the 45 format and consider it to be the best music format there is. You can feel the passion, imagine their dusty fingers and their utter joy at finding these 45s and playing them for us. Check their pic, those are pretty happy Djs!

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The Forty Five Kings

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