The Forty Five Kings are proud to Present ScottieBoyUk for the second time with another deep dive into his immense 45 crates with a trip to Jamaica.

ScottieBoyUk has this to say about his mix:

The 45 Kings Wee Dub Session – all vinyl seven-inch set!

“Wee in Scotland is small – so it’s a Small Dub Session”

Been collection vinyl for over 45 years, no joke bought my first seven in 1972 and my first LP in 1971 but my love of the seven-inch format took hold of me with the tale end of punk in the late 70’s, still got them, still play them, this is where my love of reggae comes from as it was so interlinked with Punk, you could not hide from it, did not want to!”)

Love every moment of these sevens, this is just a small selection of them, put together for the 45 Kings, long may they live!

The Pops & Cracks are free, this is part of this living music.



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