Welcome to Volume 7 of our all 45s mix series, this one by ScottieBoyUk.

ScottieBoyUk had this to say about his mix.

The 45 is king!

Its got to be said that the 45 is a magical thing, my fav to play out, my fav to collect and my fav to listen to. I get great joy in DJing with my 45’s, it’s always busy and always fun.

DJ Mr Lob asked me to join The Forty Five Kings and then I asked, should I do a mix, send one in he said, so here I am, clutching my 45’s with anticipation that you like it.

Many styles covered here and all on original 45!



This mix, this page and The Forty Five Kings are all about the 45 format and for us the 45 reigns supreme, there is no musical format greater!

The Forty Five Kings