Welcome to Volume 9 of our all 45s mix series, this one by GP.

The Forty Five Kings are proud to present a selector and dj who has deep crates and a long time love of collecting, playing and sharing his collection through his mixtapes from his base in France.

GP has this to say about his mix:

‘I grew up with hip-hop culture and with Reggae Sound System kulcha too. I had my own sound system with mi breda Ano called the Revolution Sound. 

Originally in Reggae Sound Systems, the 45 was the king (now all is digital…) so I have a special relationship with this format. You will find in my mix hip-hop-reggae-soul-jazz groovy vibes. 

Enjoy the ride!’

Find GP here: https://www.mixcloud.com/theoriginalgp/

This mix, this page and The Forty Five Kings are all about the 45 format and for us the 45 reigns supreme, there is no musical format greater!

The Forty Five Kings