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Join us this Friday 23 April 2021 for Week 7 of Frankie Fortyfive’s 8 week residency on our Twitch Channel.

Each week Frankie will focus on a different period and genre of music as he tells the story of his collection and love of 45s for many a year. Not to be missed!

Coffee & Donuts – Saturday 24 April 2021

Join us this Saturday 24 April 2021 for ‘Coffee & Donuts’ on our Twitch TV Channel. Hosted by Mr Lob, 25ThC & Fatwax45 with Special Guests this week YERA FLAVOUR & IVAN IVANOVICH (ROCAFORT RECORDS).

The whole idea is to share our love of 45s with you all, have a chat in the chat room and just play and share beautiful music with you on the best format there is!

Reggae Fire – 25 April 2021

Join us this Sunday 25 April 2021 for our monthly ‘Reggae Fire’ show on our Twitch Channel.

Hosted by Mr Lob & 25ThC with Special Guest from Brisbane Australia JAYBREAKS NONSTOP. Not to be missed!

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Frankie Fortyfive – 16 April 2021

We are so so happy to have been able to present this 8 week Residency by Frankie Fortyfive on our Twitch Channel. As he rapidly approaches the last week of his residency this Friday, we are just very pleased to…

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Coffee & Donuts – 17 April 2021

Each week we are blown away by the calibre of guests who play on our channel and part of this show. While many are involved in Raid Trains which are great fun, we stand out as a channel that is…

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Mr Lob


Mr Lob is the Co-Founder of The Forty Five Kings Collective and looks after the website’s content, interviews, feature stories, mixes and video sections and constantly bombards D-Cow with new ideas!




D-Cow built the website from the theme and handles the Technical side of the website as well as writing our Live Streaming Guides and all Technical questions that Mr Lob throws at him daily!